With a humble heart

Seek the Lord with a humble heart.
Seek Him on your knees and pray.
Worship Him with truthfulness and in spirit.
Don't just sing for the sake of singing
for it's displeasing to the Lord.

He's your everything.
Do not stray away from Him.
Without God, life's meaningless and empty.
Do not murmur or complain.

Be holy in the presence of God.
Treat God with full respect,
and with the fear of the Lord.

Do not take advantage of His grace and mercy.
Do not take Christ lightly.
Repent from your old ways.
Be convicted of your wrong doings.
Open your heart and ear to hear
the Lord's still small voice.
Be wise in everything you do,
and practise justice.
Do not judge your brother.
Always think positive,
and love one another.
Spend more quiet time with the Lord.

stay calm..

Our hearts are empty
when we do not place God first in our lives.
Therefore seek His face n know His heart's desires.
Understand His words n His deeds.
Feed on His spiritual food.
Drink the living water.

We have not died to our flesh.
The world is still pulling n luring
us deeper n deeper into the darkness.

God is with u in every situation.
Acknowledge His presence.
Learn to let God's love controls u.
let it overflows in u.

When all hope is lost
just know that the Lord will light your path.
Follow His lead
let Him be Lord over u

Dwell in His presence
think about Him throughout the day
Whenever u r about to do something
talk to Him first
let Him be part of everything u do

When u wake up, give praise to Him.
when u r to sleep,
thank Him for His goodness
n lay all your worries n burdens unto Him.

When u wake, let it be a new day
a new beginning with the Lord
Nothing is too late or too big for God to handle.
We serve a God of impossibilities.

Just listen to God’s voice, he is continuously speaking to you.

Stay calm in your spirit, let God be your guide,
let Him take over and follow His steps.
God has all His plans laid out in front of us,
all that is left is for us to see and follow.
Your heavenly Father loves you a lot,
He wants you to know that He has the best future ahead of you,
plans to prosper and not to harm you.
But what each and every of us need is peace,
to be still and know that He is God.
He is looking down on you, aware of your coming in and going out,
He sees everything and knows your thoughts.
He has His plans but only you could decide what your life is gonna be like,
for God had given us the greatest gift of all time – freewill.
Look to Jesus, look to that gentle shepherd,
who never forgets His sheep, not even one of them.
Let His gentle spirit guide you and be the light in your darkest hour.
Let there be no room for fear in your heart, for God is of love and grace.
Let the joy of the Lord be your strength!
When the storm arises, when the mountain seems too high,
call out upon the name of Jesus, for He hears the righteous prayer.
Be of comfort to know that our Abba Father, our best friend, our everything,
is not only up there looking over us,
but also living in us. He loves you dearly.

live to worhip Him

He is God and nothing is bigger than that.
So don’t fear or worry about your future for He has everything under control.
Sometimes we find it so hard to just trust Him with our lives
because we don’t see Him and we can’t understand His ways and it’s so frustrating at times.
But Jesus understands, He is not asking us to be perfect
but all He is asking is for us to trust in Him as He is our Abba Daddy.

God's plans are to prosper us and not to harm us.
God knows all the desires that is within our hearts
and He would fulfil them according to His will and divine timing.
For He has already promised us that
if we seek, we shall find
and if we ask, we would get an answer.

Everything that happens in our lives happened for a reason.
Each and every of our lives are like a puzzle.
Each of us plays a unique role that can only be carried out by us, not anyone else.
And as a puzzle, we can’t see the big picture

until the very end where every other lives had accomplished their callings in their lives.
In other words, we are part and parcel of God’s masterpiece.
That’s why what we could do is to give God our very best
and take delight in knowing that we are crucial in making God plans work.
So, commit your life to God.

Live your life as a pleasing sacrifice to God.
Live to worship the Lord,
sing praises unto Him for He loves it.
God will use you through your worship to Him.
He would use your voice to minister into hardened hearts.
But God wants you to be strong for Him.

Feed your spirit with the daily bread and that is His Word.
Let your spirit man be strong and healthy
for the Lord can only use you if you are well equipped.
So that when the road gets rough, when the storms come,
you would not waver but you would remain rooted on the ground
that God has placed you on.

Wherever you place your foot on, make it a Holy ground for God.
Be a living testimony for the Lord.
Shout His name wherever you go and shine for His glory.
His blessings and favour will follow you
when you had set your eyes upon God.
Start to be on fire for the Lord.
Let doing the Lord’s will be your only passion in life.
Jesus loves you, He really does.


put peace and love first in everything

Stay strong in the Lord,
by doing things according to His will.
Work together as one,
by tolerating one another.

Above all, put peace and love above everything else,
by thinking positively of other people.

Trust in the Lord
in everything that you do.
Seek Him
for advices and guidance,
for His will to shine ever brighter
in the darkest night.

Listen to what the Lord says,
and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
Know that the Lord hears all prayers,
and is always by your side.
Talk to Him in your quiet time,
and build a relationship with Him.
Know that He's with you,
even through the harshest times
when even your heart begin to doubt.
But know this..
even in your sleep and tiredness,
He comes and looks after you,
to protect and watch over you.
Ask yourself...
what greater power can come against
the power of the Almighty One?

Therefore seek the favour of the great I AM,
and see blessings into your life,
for who can shut the gates of the heavens
beside God Himself?
But also remember...God is just and righteous,
and do not overlook His judgement and anger.
Thus do not judge others so that you be not judged.
Be merciful so that you can receive mercy from God.

Be the salt of the earth; make a difference.
Be a history maker.
Everything starts with you yourself.
Love one another as you love yourself.
Obey the Word of the Lord.
Be aware of the traps
that Satan placed along your path.
Always be watchful and alert,
for the evil ones are ever ready to pull us down.
Fear the Lord and fulfill His commandments,
and you shall be called His child.

close to me

Words Close to me

Bee Gees “It’s only words..Karen Carpenter “Close to me..

Abraham heard God n His words were all he got that kept him going, not knowing where he was going.

Paul saw the glory of Jesus in a vision. “Saul, Saul why are u persecuting Me?”

From then on, visions n words from the Holy Spirit were his teacher n strength.

God spoke His truth in His words into a person’s heart. These words are close to the heart, like the Psalms in the bible.

They are living words close to me.

He is my El Shaddai and my El Shaddai says to me :

Knowing My heart is knowing My words in the bible.

Knowing Me just by My name and knowing Me truly are 2 different things,

like knowing My feelings and My character are totally two different things.

Reading the bible with true understanding is important.

Do not use human strength to think, but allow Me to open your heart, open your mind

to new revelations and discoveries.

There’re many truths in the bible that mere human eyes cannot see.

I see things differently. What are bad can become good in My perfect time and will.

I desire your undivided and true love from your heart,

and not something you’ve to do as a routine in order to please Me.

What really matters to Me is your heart and feelings towards Me.

Everybody has done something bad in his/her life.

I see things differently.

What are bad can become good in My perfect time and will.

I just want people to come back to Me,

and be with Me, to dwell in My presence,

and have fellowship and relationship with Me.

Therefore walk your life together with Me.

do not rush God

Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, soul, and mind.

Obey the command to love one another.

Please the Lord in everything you do.

Always think positively.

Walk in your calling.

In whatever circumstances you are in,
remember to trust in the Lord in everything.
Always look to Him.
do not let your emotions or the circumstances carry you in the wrong way
making you run ahead of God.
one wrong decision in your haste,especially out of anger,
can have great consequences.
Instead be calm in your spirit so that you can hear His still small voice in you.
Ask for His wisdom in whatever decision you make.
Lean on Him. Not on your own strength.
Only by His grace and mercy can you overcome your difficulties.
Jesus is the only light that can lighten your path
and show you your way. ...

Wait upon the Lord for the right time and right place;

do not rush God, or go ahead of God,

but trust Him in all things, even the timing.

Be patient and wait upon the Lord;

Use wisdom in everything you do,

and be JUST.

Stay open-minded, and be wise all the time.

Always stay in the presence of the Lord.

Meditate upon His Word evryday; seek Him for guidance;

seek Him with all heart and all your soul;

lean not on thy own understanding,

but on His Word and His voice.

Knock, and the door shall be opened;

seek and you shall find.

Have faith in the Lord, for He 'll never forsake you.

Abide in His Word, and He'll abide in you.

Do not fear man or Satan,

for the Lord has won the battle for you.

Victory is in your hands.

Do not be anxious about tomorrow;

cast all your burdens unto the Lord.

Rest at His feet; know that He loves you.

Forgive your enemies, and love them.

Do not show favouritism to anyone,

but treat everyone fairly.

Live a righteous and holy life.

where i can cry

where i can cry
how i cry


Nothing is beginning to make any sense;
everything I knew had just shattered right before me
and the broken remains are all I can see,
things left behind for me to heal.
I never said it was easy to be alone;
I never said it was ever easy standing on my own.
Life is never easy; it's always going to be hard,
hard like my cold, empty, broken heart
that has been ripped apart.
My friends left me alone;
they left me to stand on my own;
without nothing to cling onto or hold.
My inside began to turn nasty and cold,
turning to become mean and hollow,
becoming a ghost to behold,
a ghost always feeling cold.
Bonds form and bonds break
but does that mean we give up?
My life is black, and so is my shady past.
I am walking down the path where I am always alone,
where my demons are always coming back...
to haunt me, the way it's supposed to be,
but it's not the way I want to live anymore,
even though my friends left me crying in the cold.
I shouldn't be like this, cracking and breaking on the inside.
I should be strong and move on,
and should make it through the day,
not wondering if tomorrow will be the same,
but what if I stumble and I fall?
Should I get up and carry on?
Or am i just running round n round in the same place?
The rain falls harder. I can't take it any longer.
It hurts too much even to think that they never loved me or cared.

The wind still blows through my hair.
Don't know why I am writing this poem,
this poem that describes the inner struggles I have with them.. my friends.
The people I used to hang around with.
The people I used to talk to on the phone,
but now I am all alone.
Too scared to stand on my own.
Still walking down the street.
Still looking down at my feet.
My arms still wrapped around me.
The harsh cold trapped me in this cruel, dark world that I am living in.
Bonds form and bonds break, they are our mistakes.
The ones we make. But does that mean we give up? No. Maybe, just maybe Hope shine through,
even in the darkest part of you.
It always shines through even when it's you against the world.
Hope will always shine through you.

Words will never express the pain and hurt I’ve felt over the years.
You’ve always told me that you love me.
I don’t doubt that; you said you knew me better than I knew myself.
Time and time again you said I wasn’t trying hard enough,
When I can say with all honesty that I have never tried so hard in my life.
I felt like someone was slicing through my chest. It hurt.
I never felt as though you were there for me.
I was one step away from killing myself.
I stuck around because I don’t like to give up and
I try so bloody hard, so don’t ever tell me that I don’t try hard enough.
You don’t know what trying is. What’s wrong with you?
Are you that afraid that your child is smarter than you?
My whole life, I’ve felt like the black sheep of the family,
left out, as though I don’t belong.
You turned to me and said “I always knew you were depressed”.
Those words felt like a thousand knives piercing my heart.
If you knew why, why on earth didn’t you try to help me?!
Did you know that my coping mechanism was to isolate myself?
Do you know how much that impacts on me now?
I currently can’t open up to anyone.
I opened up to you, my own mother,
when I needed you the most and I was pushed aside.
For all those years, I needed my mum.
You weren’t there. I had no one. Not a single soul.
I shouldered everything on my own. Everything.
I want to forgive you mum. I really do.
But right now, it doesn’t feel possible.
You have hurt me so much. I have to go back on medication. You don’t know that yet. I’m not coping.
The pain you and dad have caused me has cut me so deep it’s left wounds.
And sometimes wounds get infected.
I lay awake each night wondering if they’ll ever heal.

God sees into your hearts

He knows the hurt, pains, sorrows n bitterness in you

n every single emotion you are going through.

What others meant to be evil, God will turn it into good.

Therefore never seek revenge on your own, because it will backfire

n you will go through even more pain.

But leave judgment in God's hand for He alone can see everything.

Do not bury your hurts in your heart, only turning them into scars.

Instead pour them out to the Lord. He listens.

Never hold back from the Lord, for He is ever ready to accept

you with opened arms.

In everything you do or planning to do, think of the Lord.

Do not do things on your own, but trust in Him

and do things according to His will for you.

You may be surprised to know that He is always by your side.

He is always there for you.

When you have accomplished something good, do not be proud.

Know that it is the Lord who has given you success.

Give thanks & praises to Him, that He has made you successful.

Always be thankful, even for small things in life.

Always seek His will. Seek His heart. Know the heart of the Father.

He is the One who had created all the heavens n the earth.

You can have faith in the great I AM. Marvel at His works & wonders.

Give your all to Him n He will give HIs all to you.

The Lord goes through with you in all the storms in your life.

The Lord will never forsake you if only you stay committed to Him.

Know that deep down inside you, you are a child of God,

created for His purpose, to do His will.

Find refuge in Him n He shall protect u with His mighty wings.

God is love. Love pleases Him. So love others the way you love yourself.

Bear with one another. Always be understanding with one another.

Think positive. Look at the brighter side of things.

Because your God is Almighty, n nothing is too hard for Him to do.

Love your God for He first loved you.




I’m all alone in this world.I don’t know what I am doing. I always make bad decisions. .People say I’m ugly. My face is long and my nose is big. So is my butt.I never finish school.. I can’t afford cute clothes. . I had an abortion. I don’t deserve to live. My kids deserve better.Nobody loves me. My parents kicked me out. My dad is on drugs. My mom is a drug addict. I’m an alcoholic.I used to sell my body. Some people call me a slut.
I have a lot of tattoos.I am a single parent. All my friends are fakes.If I really listened to everything people told me I’d already be dead. But I chose a new life. I decided to take my old life and kill it. I choose to be an optimist and know that God has a plan for me. Most people are selfish and self absorbed, so why should their opinion matter. I choose to surround myself with people who do like me for me. Even if it is only one or two people. one true friend is worth more than many who surround themselves around my beauty, my talent, my self worth just to be in my entourage. I’m glad God showed me the way. I’m thankful for second chances. I choose to accept myself and to give second chances to the people around me. I will accept the positive and shield the negative. For I know I have a purpose and my talents will not be wasted. Amen, never give up on yourself or your dreams, things change, people change physically and emotionally. Money does not rule the world.

Life would be meaningless without God in our lives,
because He is our strength n our hope.
Sometimes we don't know why we are even alive,
but know this..your every breath on this earth serves a purpose.
It's not by mistake you find yourself here on this planet.
It's not by chance that Jesus was born 2014 years ago.
The Creator loves His creations.
All He wants is you.
It pleases Him when all of His children come back to Him.
Let the joy of the Lord fills you,
so that you can be a blessing to others.
Things may not make sense now
n u don't understand how things in life work,
but God knows everything, what's best.
Just trust in Him.
God's plans are unlike man's plans.
We don't think like God thinks
n His ways are far better than our ways.
We tend to go astray n turn to the world for help,
when God is there all the time
with His hands wide open to help u.
Go back to the place
where u r loved most...His embrace.
Just tell Him how much you need Him
n He'll accept u n fill u with His love.

It is difficult to believe in things that seem so unreal and impossible. But that is what faith is, believing in the presence of doubt. So, take this step of faith, tell God that you are hopeless and helpless without Him, tell God how afraid you are, how angry and frustrated you are with life, how worried you are about the future, practically just how tired you are with life. Just close your eyes and start pouring out to God until you feel the weight on your shoulder is lighter. Let the tears, all the hurts and pain pour out from your heart. It is between you and God, no one else. There's no pretense, no hiding, no holding back. Be transparent in front of Jesus, lay all your junks and burden at His feet, for it is not for us to carry all these burden in life. It had never meant to be ours to bear.

Imagine an empty, where Jesus was once hung. Just think about His sacrifice and love for you. All Jesus ever cared about was you. nothing else mattered to Him but you. He loves you so much that His heart aches whenever He sees yours ache.

Jesus loves us dearly. We are the world to Him. Don't you think He would have a great future for us? Don't you think He would provide us with our every needs? Don't you think He loves us too much to let us suffer?

All our bondage have been broken when Jesus took our place at the cross. It is us today who bound ourselves to chains when the key to these chains were all this while in our hands. Let's make Jesus' death worth while. Go back to basics, go back to your first love, go back to the roots to why you cal yourself a Christian today. Going back to basics is always the best move to make when you are lost. Go back to your Abba Father.

my scars

my scars
my hurts

your God is big

Do not disobey God's commandments,
but walk in your calling.
Do not push aside or ignore the Holy Spirit,
but do things in the Lord's will,
and lean not on thy own understanding.
Trust the Lord in all things.

Do not delay God's plan upon your life,
or else you're hindering
God's blessings upon your life.
Indeed know that your God is BIG.
Just imagine how great God is;
stretch your imagination,
and multiply that a trillion times;
that's how great God really is.
God has said it again and again n the bible..
"Do not fear."
So take it seriously; do not be afraid.

And if God is your partner, dream BIG,
for God is a big God.
Just do your VERY best, give your ALL,
and let God do the rest; God cannot fail.
But do not go ahead of God,
taking the lead yourself,
but let God be God, and see the glory of God.
For God is real.

He really cares for you, but are you ready
to accept the Lord as master and Lord?
God'll manifest His power through you,
if you take the first step to say...
"God, I'm ready; use me."
and mean it when you say it.

He is a righteous God,
and you shall see the day
when righteousness reigns,
even though the situation now
does not show that.

Do not be discouraged
by the things you're facing now.
Whatever you sow, you shall reap.
Read the bible, and connect
everything there's in it,
with your own life,
and you'll see miracles happen in your life.
Stay strong in your faith,
and keep praying without ceasing.

I the Lord am saying to you....

I give My grace to the humble.
My first grace to you is ...
know the level of your own deception.
Knowing this brings true humility.
Like Paul, you must be struck blind
in order to see.
True humility is agreement with the Truth

It profits not for you to compare youself with others.
If you keep looking to Me,
then you'll go far.
Many are distracted by looking at themselves.
Your own reasoning only leads you
to do wrong things in the wrong way.

You'll ONLY have wisdom and judgements
unless you abide in Me.
The more you mature, the more you'll know
your desperate need of Me.
Only when you allow who you are
to be exposed...then only you'll walk in the light.

the Lord is saying to you....

Always trust in the Lord.
Know that He is always by your side.
Seek the Lord in the times of your troubles.
Tell your needs to God,
and when you ask from Him,
have no doubt at all.
Know the Word of God, and practise it.
Allow the Lord take control over your life.
From a sincere heart, desire Godly things,
and turn away from the evil thoughts.

Desire and have peace with one another,
for this pleases the Lord,
and love one another.
Obey the commandments,
for if you disobey one, it means disobeying all.

Always think positively,
and have compassion towards one another.
Know that you're a child of God,
and your duty is to live a life that pleases Him.

Do not murmur or complain,
but be contented in the things that you have.
Learn the principles of God's Word, and practise them.
Make sure that everything that proceeds
out of your mouth is the truth,
that brings blessing to the people surrounding you.

Love the Lord with all your heart,
all your soul, and all your mind.
Remember that the Lord is always for you,
if you're under His favour.
The Lord knows your every desire,
and He shall fulfill them according to His time and His will.
But if your desires are to bring pleasure to yourself,
then the Lord shall not fulfill them for you,
because you must die to self.

Discover the true meaning of Christianity,
and build an intimate relationship with God,
a bond that no evil can shake, nor storms can destroy,
for what God builds, no one can destroy.
Believe in the power of His name,
and you shall see miracles.

Jesus died on the cross, not only to give salvation,
but also to bring healing and freedom and victory.
Jesus went to and gone through hell for your sake.
Stay faithful and loyal to the Lord,
for our God is a jealous God;
He longs, day and night, for your attention and your time.

Always be merciful to others,
as the Lord has been merciful to you.
Forgive sincerely and completely from your heart,
and love one another with agape love,
as the Lord also has forgiven you your many sins,
and also love you by dying for you on the cross.
You can never repay back what the Lord has done for you.
At least you can forgive and love others in return.

your destiny is far better than u can ever imagine

God loves you and you know it.
But what you need to do now is to know God deeper. . .
to know Him as God, also as a friend in times of need,
a savior … a father.

The Lord knows that you have many unanswered questions,
whose lines and boundaries that are blurred,
many gray areas between black and white.
But this is life.
It is your walk with Jesus,
your daily encounter with Him.

Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher
as He guides you through the baby steps that you are now taking.
Don’t act too fast, but slow down;
just listen to your heart.

Have the peace of God in you,
for no fear, confusion or doubt should be in your heart,
if you have Jesus dwelling in your heart.

Let the joy of the Lord be your strength,
let your days be filled with laughter and blessings from above.
Let every single day be a celebration with Jesus.

Unless you empty your cup, you can’t be filled with God’s living water.
Feed your spiritual body,
let the soul in you grow,
to be more and more like Jesus.

Have a teachable heart. (Jesus said, "Learn of Me.."Matthew 11:29)
Hold God’s hand as He guides you through your darkest path,
when you think you’re all alone in this mess.

Search your heart and know that somewhere deep down inside there’s a God;
there’s a savior living in you.
He deserves your worship and praises;
He desires your time and love.
This still, small voice that’s in you,
it will help you sail through the storm;
it will be the light unto your path.

Being a Christian is not about being converted into another religion,
but is to know who you are – a child of God,
the heir to the Kingdom of God.
It’s about knowing your position, believing it and living it.

This is a wonderful journey that you have embarked on
and your destiny is far better than what this world could offer,
even better than what you’ve ever imagined or dreamed.

covenant keeping God

Put your trust and hope in the Lord.
Don't be discouraged, when things do not seem to go your way.
Do not be afraid, but be of good courage.
What's there to fear, if The Lord is always beside you?
Trust in the Lord in everything that you do.
Be patient, and wait upon Him.

The world may think that you're foolish,
but remember, they said the same thing to God's prophets.
Remember you're serving the Almighty God.

Please God in everything that you do.
Ask for His grace and mercy everyday.
Repent from your sinful ways.
Do not have evil thoughts of others,
and the Lord shall strengthen you daily.

Do not give up easily, but press on all the time.
remember, everthing that happens, happens for a reason.
You might not see it now, but you'll one day.
When you find yourself in difficulties,
and it seems you can't search and reach God's hand,
know that, you can always trust His heart.
God is always thinking of you.

Jesus will never forsake us.
He knows when we're down or upset or lonely or hurt.
He feels it too.
No matter how much we've sinned and hurt His heart,
He's ever ready to forgive us,
to accept us with opened arms.

Our God is a covenant keeping God.
This day, decide to make a covenant with teadHim,
and begin to live the life that pleases Him.
Don't fall into temptation, but stay firm in His teachings.
Be a person, who focus on the promises of God.

Do not allow emotions pull you down,
or the circumstances overtake you.
Instead, think positively with a strong mind,
and praise God with a joyful heart.
Be thankful.

Let the love of God fills your heart;
let it overflows to others.
The Lord's command is to love one another.

Do not have doubts in your heart,
as regards your faith in Christ.
Allow the Spirit of God take control over your life,
and you'll see the glory of the Lord.

you are loved

When we struggle against many things in life..temptations, selfish desires, anger, bitterness,
even smoking, gambling, fun and pleasure and so on,
we get weary and worn out, because it's tiring and a hard thing to do.
And we find no rest.
And here Jesus said to us,"Come to Me and I will give you rest.'
The Lord wants us to stop struggling, come to Him and find rest in Him,
to sit at His feet and learn of HIm "for He is gentle and lowly of heart."
And let His peace fills you.

How and why you can find rest in Him? Because Jesus said,
"For My way is easy and My burden is light."
His way is higher. He has the best for us in His heart.
His way is easy and comfortable, without so much struggle and failure.
His way will not be hard on you, for God will always provide a way of escape.
His way is tailor-made for you. It's comfortable because it fits you perfectly like a coat.
He knows your weaknesses and abilities.
You only need to come to Him and learn of Him,
to lean on Him and let Him take over
and you will see breakthrough in your life,
no matter how bad your situation, no matter how impossible the outlook
you will see victory. You will have peace.

As in Psalm 23, even if you walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
it'll not come near you. It'll remain a shadow.
You will fear no evil for the Lord is with you.
If God is for you, who and what can come against you?
The Lord will even prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you.
You will lie down on green pasture to rest, and find peace and sleep.
The Lord watches over you for He never slumbers.
No need to be anxious. No need to fear.
The Lord will lead you in the paths of righteousness.

The Lord says to you,
"You don't have to do it all by yourself.Let Me do it for you.
Just hold My hand and lean on My strength.
Let My wing carry you. Be strong in My strength.
Be strong by leaning on Me. Find rest in Me.
And you will run and faint not, because I will carry you
and you can climb the mountain and soar like the eagle.

If you cry out to Me,"Lord, help me! I need You! I cannot handle this on my own!"
Then the Lord will say to you,"Yes you cannot but I can.Let Me take over."
God wants us to come to Him and lean on His strength, so He can help us.
God can only help when you look to Him.
When you seek Him, you will find Him.
"My eyes look to the hills.Where does my help comes from?
It comes from the Lord."
When you are in deep trouble, there is no one who can really help except the Lord.
like David who strengthened himself in the Lord.
When everything and everyone turn against you,
your Heavenly Father is the only One who will help you through.
He will come and be the strength of your life.
He will not leave you weak and helpless.
He gives you the breakthrough you need.

"Until you find peace and rest in God,
God cannot do anything for you.
When we take charge of our lives,
God steps aside.

When we want to do things our own ways,
God let us.

But when we say, "God I need You. I cannot handle by myself."
God comes in and begins to work even bad things into good for those who love Him.
God watches over everyone, but He only protects those who obey and love Him.
Therefore Run back to the Arms of love.
Run back to your Abba Father who loves you.

Trust in the Lord. He is the provider of all things.
Find rest in Him for He knows all our needs.
Have peace within you. Our Lord is the Prince of peace.
Therefore have His peace in you.
Have faith in your heavenly Father."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

be still and know He's Lord....

To have God’s peace I must learn to be still, knowing that God is always working all things out for good to those whom He loved.  “Be still n know that I AM the Lord.”
God’s peace in us gives us rest n strength. Unless I have His peace, my mind is confused n I won’t be able to write this sermon. Every time I have peace, I can write; my mind is clear. I can hear ; I can think clearly. I seek His peace.  My heart must be right. I must seek peace with all men.
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.
For God’s peace to reside in me, I must let go of all bitterness. I must forgive like Jesus forgave the soldiers.
To be prospered by God is to do His will. And Joseph did the Father's will in Potiphar's house, avoided the attention of the master's wife n went to prison without any bitterness. And God was with him n the Lord prospered him even while in prison. “Be still n know I AM the Lord.” Joseph was still n he walked in God’s will. And God worked all things out for good for Joseph. If Joseph despaired n moved ahead of God, it would be difficult for God to work all things out for good for Joseph. But Joseph was still n he trusted in God n in His time.
What was Joseph's secret? He walked in the will of the Lord. He was still. God’s peace remain in him. Joseph’s secret of success was he knew how to be still n allow God to work things out in God’s time n God’s will. Joseph was walking in God’s will n did not moved ahead of God out of anger, out of emotions or fear,  But was still n know that God is the Lord over all things, over all circumstances, over all sorrows, all his sadness, all the heartaches, all the tears he shed at night that only God knew.  He did responded with "a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye." “Be still n know that I AM Lord.” Amen.
Be still is not to move ahead of God, but to let His will be done.
God is always working things out for those whom He loved.
Imagine u are Joseph working for Potiphar, a fat old man, having many slaves working for him
Will u serve him faithfully or just eye-service?
Humble is not enough. Because we must be still and it is hard to be still.
Joseph not only was humble, but also he was still n serve Potiphar like he was serving God.
He was tempted by Potiphar’s wife n punished n put into prison as a rapist n criminal.
If I was Joseph, I would have cried out to God, “Lord this is unfair. I am faithful walking
in Your will, and this what I get.” I would have lost faith in God n get depressed in prison.
I would not be able to serve in prison like Joseph served.
It is easier to be humble, but harder to be still.
God can only truly bless us unless we learn to be still.
It is easier to move ahead out of fear n anxiety n walk in our own will.
To be still is not to fear but to trust in God’s will.
Joseph served Potiphar as a slave n was still.
Joseph served in prison as a prisoner n was still.
And God was working out things so that Joseph know that God is God.
Be still n know that I AM Lord.
“Peace I leave w u, my peace I give to u; not as the world gives do I give to u. let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14.27
When u have Jesus’s peace, your heart is not troubled.
Your life will be free from regrets, anxieties, worries. This is Shalom.
You are healthy, strong, full of joy n peace.
Isaiah says : those who wait upon the lord shall mount up like eagle, run n not faint.
Because u have shalom
U have peace n god’s protection over u. protect your heart, your health, from war,
From demonic attacks, from headache, from hyperthyroidism, from high blood, from stress.
You are strong in body, emotions, mind, full of energy.
You shall walk n climb n not faint n get wearied.
You have the strength of a young man.
Life is beautiful when God is with you.
Always pray. Always seek God’s will for your life.
Do not walk in your own will, or in your own way.
Always seek the Lord; be humble. Seek His peace. Seek peace with all men. Be a peacemaker.
Only in God’s will can I be strong. Stay strong by doing things in His will.
Trust in the Lord in everything that I do.
Seek Him for advices and guidance, for His will to shine ever brighter in the darkest night.
Always pray. Tell God how weak I am. And also that I can do all things in Christ.
put peace and love first in everything. Work together as one, by tolerating one another.
Above all, put peace and love above everything else, by thinking positively of other people.
Listen to what the Lord says, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
Know that the Lord hears all prayers, and is always by your side. Talk to Him in your quiet time, and build a relationship with Him.
Know that He's with you, even through the harshest times when even your heart begin to doubt.
But know this..even in your sleep and tiredness, He comes and looks after you, to protect and watch over you.

Instead Joseph did what Jesus did : pray for those who persecuted u. For we to love our physical enemy but not the spiritual enemy, for we wrestle not against flesh n blood. We leave justice in the hands of the Father.
If u want to stay in God's will so as to prosper, u must be still n not move in your own will, but let go the past n not stay bitter. Yes hate evil n love good. Love your physical enemy n rebuke the wicked angels n pray for those who persecuted u.
Like Jesus who opened not His mouth in retaliation nor was deceit found in His mouth. He humbled Himself n became obedient to the point of death. Therefore God highly exalted Him n given him the name above every name.
God will likewise prosper u if u love n seek peace n learn to be still n allow God to work all things for good, n know that God is God.  Your own brothers who betrayed u are not your real enemy. Let not hatred n bitterness rob u of God's blessings.
Always seek God with a humble heart. let His peace rest in u. let not things of the world control u
do not let them control your thinking but like Mary, sit at Jesus's feet  n come out from the world
so that God can show u the way
so that u can walk in His will so that God can bless u.
"A new commandment I give you...love one another"
This is the most blessed n joyful commandment. joyful because the reward is... you will rejoice.
Are you a fruitful tree?
The fruit of the Spirit is love........
Hebrews 12:12 "Wherefore lift up the hands that hang down, and the feeble knees. "
There are times when we grow so weary that we question whether we will be able to endure another day.
When one is suffering, whether physically because of body disease or injury or severe infection, or it is an emotional problem like broken-heart or great disappointment
even one day is hard to go by...the pain.
During the long, hard trial of Job, God said to Job,
"Gird up your loins and be a man" (Job 38:3)"Now prepare yourself like a man"
Yet God promises to give us sufficient strength for our days.
God's grace is sufficient, if we do not reject His grace n turn bitter.
if we come humbly n boldly to his throne of grace.
Have faith that God can make the hard things in life become sweet for us.
let his peace rule in our heart. joy comes in the morning. although it had been a very dark night.

Many Christians have been offended n they cried out, "It is not fair!" n they stumbled n rejected the grace of God.
so they do not have the grace of God to sustain them in their trials n adversities.
So they are not able to go through the fire with a sound mind, n so they cannot understand what is happening.
they become bitter.
We are all not perfect. Help each other to walk this journey, to run this race together.
We are all in the same journey together. We are tempted, fall, rise again.
Leave everything to God who will do the judging for He sees everything.
If Jesus responded to the soldiers torturing him with evil for evil, He cannot be our Savior.
to take away all our sins.
We need to let go. forgive. so as to be free.
God is faithful n just to forgive us if we confess.
Be merciful as God is merciful. He is your husband. Help him, so that next time he can help you or God can help you.
Examine yourselves. Examine your hearts.
Whatever that’s not right, let’s put it right w God.
Ask for forgiveness with a sincere n humble hearts.
God hears the cries of our hearts.
Let there be no hindrance in our prayers to God. N His blessings n protection over us.
For if we judge ourselves, we would not be judged.
But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned w the world.
If there is any hatred n bitterness in our hearts, put it away by confessing it to the Lord n ask for His grace n mercy.
Let us come to the throne of grace with boldness n a clear conscience to seek strength in times of weakness.
come to His presence for refreshment n strength.
When everything is gone n there is no hope, wait upon the Lord
Psalm 27 :11-14
"Teach me Your way O Lord n lead me in the righteous path.
I would have despaired unless i had believed that i would see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living. Wait for the lord “
Be strong n let your heart take courage
To be strong n to be of good courage, we need to be refreshed n strengthened by God.
We hear ppl say, " In the presence of God there is joy, peace, comfort n strength."
This is true. But how to be in His presence? or manifested presence?
Remember God never leave us nor forsake us. He is always present. Omnipresent.
We must learn to be still n abide in Him, knowing that God is always in control
we serve a living God. make right with God.
"You shall love thy God w all your heart, soul, mind, strength.'
"You shall have no other god before me. Be still and know that I AM the Lord.
let nothing hinder our union w god so that God hears our prayer
is there anything not right in your heart..mayb something , some hurt cannot let go..as God forgives us, let us also forgive out of love
as we receive mercy, let us also be merciful to others.
without love, there is no holiness, no power to live the victorious life
without love, there is no true glory. he who knows love knows God, for God is love.
the source of glory is love.
Know that …
anger is weakness.  peace is strength.  ask for His peace.  ask for His grace to be strong
each morning u wake up. remember the Lord. grateful for each new day.
even for the air u breathe.  for the rain n sunshine.  for the good sleep u had
when u have peace. u can sleep well. sleep is a blessing.
the safest place is to be in God's will
always remember the greatness of God in your life.
Just keep doing what u r doing, only doing for the Lord
Do not turn to the right or to the left,
always looking unto the Lord
that He is your Master in everything.
n nothing can be taken for granted.
so make full use of your time
use it for God
please Him with your life
All the things we have on this earth are only of temporary value.
But everything we have with Christ is everlasting.
There's a great difference between the two.
Drink from the well that never runs dry.
seek comfort n protection from God.
Let Him cover you with His mighty wings.
soar n rise with Him above the storms
know that there's nothing to fear
for the Lord is by your side.
Love Him n you shall see how much He cares for u
Therefore keep your head high in your times of troubles,
and look up to God...where does my help come from?
Do not fear, for everything is under control, if you let God be God.
So rejoice everyday and give thanks to God.

Continue to stay strong in faith and cling on tight to Him.

We cannot find peace outside the will of God. Even as we face the storms and crisis and perplexities of life, when all hope is gone, when "the terrible storms raged unabated many days , until at last all hope was gone", and like Paul in Acts 27:23, we can say, "For there stood by me this night, an angel of the God to whom I belong, and to whom I serve, saying, "Do not be afraid. You must be brought before Ceasar."
Everything that happens, happens for a reason. When you get into a traffic jam that lasts for hours, do not fight against it. Patiently wait when it's time to move. This way, you find peace. You move in the will of God. You must allow God to move in, to take control. Your heart attitude must be right. Therefore be still, and know that God is in control.

2Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of fear,
but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

Right now, the temptation to move ahead of God is great, when the suddenness of this storm propels you to react out of desperation rather than faith. This will only leads you to poverty, and sin. But everything within you screams to do something.
Proverbs 21:5 "The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty."
Proverbs 19:2 "Also it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge, and he sins who hastens with his feet."
But by the mercy and grace of God, the Lord shows you that by jumping ship, you're only diving into the turbulent waters. So you cry you,"Lord, bring to a halt the furious thoughts racing in my head. Give me the presence of mind to be still and know that You are God."
Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God."
Psalm 62:1-2 "Truly my soul silently waits for God; From Him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved."
O Lord, I bring my thoughts, emotions, words, and my actions under Your control. Lead me by Your Spirit, and stop me before I move ahead of You. Please, Lord, quicken my spirit to hear Your voice, so that I can rest in Your assurance, that even the wind and the raging sea obey You. Open my eyes to see that You are as near to me in my turmoil, as You are to me when everything is at peace. I want to walk by faith, not by sight, regardless of the rising waves that surround me.
Lord God, You are my salvation. I will trust in You, and not be afraid, for You are in control.
Jesus said,"Father, I know you always hear me."
God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Have you consistently seek God, believing that He hears you? As you seek to understand God's will for your life, God will lay His heart over your heart and mind; as you obey Him, you will abide in His love, and one with Him; your loud cries and tears will be heard, and His presence shall lead you; you shall pray ith confidence of heart, knowing that the Father hears.

There'll be times when you find yourself, crying out to the Lord, with deep concerns of heart as you follow Him, but you can be confident in the Father's love to hear and answer your prayers, as you submit your life to Him, even if you have to drink the cup like Jesus did. There should be a determination in our heartsto seek te Father's heart and will; the voice of God should be our source of joy, strength and hope.

Paul heard the angel sent to him by God, and he was assured and strengthened. Jesus heard the Father at the garden of Gethsemane."Abba, My Father, all things are possible with you; if it's possible, let this cup pass from me, but nevertheless, let your will be done."
As we listen and obey the voice of God, the Father will be able to fully accomplish His eternal purpose in us and through us. God always has eternity in mind. And greater works we shall do in His name. Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered (Hebrews5). So must we. He prayed with loud cries and tears. So must we. His prayer to the Father was heard because of His godly fear and reverent submission to the Father's will.
"And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him."(Hebrews 5:9). Through the process of continual prayer, submission and obedience in the midst of suffering, Jesus was made perfect. And God was able to fully accomplish His will through Jesus.

Prayer in our lives is purposed by God to change and shape us to His will and purpose, so that God can accomplish His redemptive work in and through us. May we allow God to adjust us as we pray. God is faithful to provide to those who call upon Him.
"My grace is sufficient for you, for My srength is made perfect in weakness." When God says 'No", it is because of His perfect love and wisdom.The provisions of God are many, and they come in a multitude of ways.Therefore do not lose faith or lose heart, but continue to submit in prayer to God's will, and to believe the promises of God. In spite of the dark clouds, in spite the great storms and thunders, in spite the hopeless situations, even when there's no sheep in the pen, no cattle in the vine, we know that God is in control.

Father in heaven,

We want to come to you, to cast all our burdens unto You in prayer to You, not holding anything back from You.

Help us Lord, to live our lives according to Your will, and not according to other people's expectations of us. For You're the One who holds our future in Your hand. You're the hope we look to everyday, for You'll be with us throughout our whole lives.

Help us to draw close to You, for You alone understands all our disappointments, and You know everything there's to know. Help us to wait upon You, and renew our strength in You. Help us to feel Your every heart-beat, knowing deep down inside Your heart, You're filled with brokenness and sorrow for us. The moment we sin, it breaks Your heart. The moment we reject another person, we reject You.

Help us to always trust in You, following Your leading, and not to waver or go astray or lose our focus on You, but to always think about You, and dwell in Your presence and carry Your annointing. It is faith from a sincere heart that You look for...trust and loyalty from a sincere heart, not just faith by words or by thoughts.

Help us to humble before You, and be brought low, so that You can pour in, and pour in, into us, filling us with Your love, Your Spirit and power, and putting Your mind into ours.

If I continually keep my mind upon You, You will unfold things to me,
and if I obediently walk before You, and keep my heart pure and clean and holy and right,
You, O Lord, will always be lifting me higher and higher than I ever shall expect.
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to love even though it's impossible n looks stupid to do so

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.
This is the second greatest commandment Jesus gave.

Yes, the Lord hears your cries...cry for help, cry for grace, cry for justice.
He knows what you are going through
and He wants you to know that you are not in this alone.

The Lord is always good to us,
though many times circumstances show otherwise.
But take a look at Job, take a look at Paul,
take a look at all those who had stayed faithful to God.
They were persecuted when they were doing the right thing.
They were tortured because of their faith.
Jesus was crucified because of His love for us.

All the great men and women in the bible have something in common.
Their love for God's people outweighs any suffering they had to go through.
What gave them this determination is their love for others.
It's difficult to love those who had done wrong to us,
It's difficult to look past that ugly face to see the lost soul inside our enemies.
But that is what Jesus is calling us to do,
to love even though it's impossible and stupid to do so.
As Christians, we are fools in the eyes of men
but what matters most is that God is pleased and happy with us.

Jesus came to this Earth as a man, so that He could die for you and me.
He was God, who became a servant.
He was God, who died a convict's death.
But God is saying to us today that "it is finished."
We don't have to suffer anymore to save ourselves.
It is already done!
All that is left to do is believe.
Everything in this world belongs to God
and we as His children have everything too!

"For all things are yours: whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas, or the world or life or death,
or things present or things to come - all are yours. And you are Christ's, and Christ is God's."
(1Corinthians 3: 21-23 )

Victory is ours since the moment you believed that Jesus is the Son of God.
We no longer have to fight this battle as the battle is already won!
No, despite all these things,
overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us. (Romans 8 : 37 )

It is difficult to believe in things that seem so unreal and impossible.
But that is what faith is about, believing without the presence of doubt.
So, take this step of faith.
Tell God that you are hopeless and helpless without Him.
Tell God how afraid you are,
how angry and frustrated you are with life,
how worried you are about the future,
practically just how tired you are with life right now.

Just close your eyes and start pouring out to God
until you feel the weight on your shoulder is lighter.
Let the tears, all the hurts and pains pour out from your heart.
It is between you and God, no one else.
There's no pretense, no hiding, no holding back.
Be transparent in front of Jesus, laying all your junks and burden at His feet,
for it is not for us to carry all these burden in life.
It had never meant to be ours to bear.

Imagine an empty cross, where Jesus was once hung.
Just think about His sacrifice and love for you.
All Jesus ever cared about was you;
nothing else mattered to Him but you.
He loves you so much that His heart aches whenever He sees yours aching.

Jesus loves us dearly.
We are the world to Him.
Don't you think He would have a great future for us?
Don't you think He would provide us with our every need?
Don't you think He loves us too much to let us suffer?

All our bond ages had been broken when Jesus took our place at the cross.
It is we today who bound ourselves to chains
when the key to these chains is all this while in our hands.

Therefore let's make Jesus' death worth while.
Go back to the basics; go back to your first love.
Go back to the roots to why you call yourself a Christian today.
Going back to basics is always the best move to make when you are lost.
Go back to your Abba Father.


the bitter autumn rain

[Walking out alone in the heavy autumn rain,
letting my tears wash away my pain,
my horrifying pain that I want it to go away.
the rain n wind gets harder blowing me to the side
knowing I am cracking and breaking inside.
empty and alone, trying to hide.
the rain is beating hard,
as i feel the beat of my broken heart
that is slowly falling apart.
can i find solace in the rain
taking away my pain.

i see the reflection of me,
in the broken pool of waters
the tears i cry i can hardly see.
my eyes are red,
my hair blowing in the wind,
the scars on my face, slowly are
disappearing without a trace.

walking around, there is nothing
not even the smallest thing to make
as I look down, staring at my feet.
the feelings of self doubt,
feelings of lost within a crowd.
feeling empty and alone.
trapped in this world.

the wind blows through my hair,
as the rain rushes down,
making me feel free for a moment
putting me at ease, at peace for now.

as i start to breathe again....

taken from "rain", "breathe" by Sarah

What has the autumn done to us?
That endless wind, that heavy rain...

My eyes with tears and bitter pain.
It's over now, the autumn's game
though it hurts a lot
We could be happy, but we're not
Why is life so cruel and sad?
It's stolen happiness we've had

when heartache appears in our lives
we are forced to face bittersweet truths
we are reminded that within each challenge
there is always a higher offering
although hidden from our view
we must raise our thinking, open our hearts
and recognize that we are being called to a new stage in life,
a higher calling, a new dimension in life
unfamiliarity can be frightening
and new paths look uncertain.
but what is life, if not a journey into the wondrous unknown?
look around...grace and beauty can still be found within pain.
the only lock,keeping us trapped or blind or stuck is fear.
the only cage is the condition of our minds.

Can we change the past?
No. It’s as hard as granite, as immovable as a mountain.

Cold Mountain Movie says,
“You can grieve endlessly for the loss of time and damage done.
For many things that happened.
You can grieve on and on.
You can grieve your heart out,
And in the end, you’re still where you are.”
All your grief has not change a thing.
What you have lost will not be returned to you.
It will always be lost.
You are left with only scars.
All you can choose to do is go on or not.
But if you go on, it’s knowing you carry your scars with you.”

Grief and bitterness can only keep you a prisoner of the past.
What’s done is done.
Regret cannot change what has already happened.
No matter how many times we say “if only.”
No matter how bitterly we blame and accuse.
bitterness can only ruin us.
We will become prisoners in our own dark souls,
Suffocated by our own brooding thoughts.
You reap your own thoughts
Yes, we must learn to move on,

No matter the past.

We cannot change what has happened.
We do have one power…we can trust God to redeem the past.
If we let Him.
God can use the evil of what has happened
And transforms it into something good.

Do right and don’t go against your conscience.
Sometimes you doubt yourself.
Have peace in your heart; hold on to the things you believe in.
Put your trust in God
For He’ll never leave you.
He’s ever faithful, the One who created you.
Don’t let others pull you down.
Don’t let others talk you out of things.

People may not understand you, but God understands.
If you believe, you can touch the supernatural.
You can see miracles in your life.
It’s not easy to put the past behind.
But look what the future holds for you.
With God’s help, you can almost do anything
Including overcoming your fears and pain.

Everybody deserves a second chance.
Hatred in your heart'll only bring death.
Be slow to anger and judgment,
or judgment shall come upon you.

Always care for one another.
Love others as you would love yourselves.
Have a caring and loving heart,
just like Jesus and reach out to others.
Be compassionate towards others.
Don't judge a person by the looks.
Go and preach the Gospel,
and in wisdom,
because you must be wise
in everything you do.
Be hot for Christ.

Don't take things for granted;
be united,
and don't be easily offended,
but always give and take with one another.
And have love in your own family,
and also in the church.

In your hour of need,
always run to the Lord for help;
cry out to Him; have faith in Him.

The Lord has given everyone a gift
to hear His voice.
He shall speak to you if you're willing to hear.
God is always speaking.
Hear the Lord's voice in your heart,
and He shall guide you through it.
Have faith and believe His words.
Don't be proud and think
that you're full of knowledge.

Obey His words and commandments.
Obey His commandment
to keep the sabbath holy.
Don't be just be a Sunday Christian,
but take notice of people
around you in your church,
and in other nations.

Many people are suffering.
So count your blessings.
The road to heaven is narrow;
so you have to lean onto God.
Allow the Holy Spirit to
guide you in whatever you do.
you are not alone

Your voice, Your spirit always gives me courage to face the world
I am not alone.
thank You Lord, I will never be alone.

1John 16:7-13(paraphrased):
I will not leave you alone. I will send the Helper, the Holy Spirit to you .
And when He has come, the Spirit of truth, He will guide you into all truth.

My Love for you will never fail.
Trust in Me, and I shall straighten your path.
Have faith and hope in Me.

Everyday is a new day and a new start.
Put the past behind you, and work your future.
Do not feel despaired, but instead rejoice
For the I shall return, and My children will return to Me,
And they will be with Me for eternity.

Work your way to heaven.
It’s a narrow and bumpy road,
But never give up.
Cling on to My Word;
Let the My Word be printed in your heart.

Enjoy the life that I’ve blessed you with.
You’re here for a purpose and a reason;
It’s not by accident you’re here.

Never let men pull you down,
Or tell you who you are,
Because you’ve a father that’s almighty,
The creator of the heavens and the earth;
So who shall you fear?

Seek the Kingdom of God,
And everything shall be added unto you

God is in our midst in our everyday life.
Supernatural things do happen,
but with our naked eyes we can’t see it.
It’s only through the spirit that things are revealed to us.
It’s only in times of desperation
that we would turn to a higher power for help,
for we know that with our own strength
we can do nothing about it.

But just imagine spending your whole life
with that person of great authority
and having His favor over you….
you would be able to do things
you thought were impossible.

Many things happen we find hard to understand,
and as unique and special we may be,
creation can never out beat the Creator.
We are only part and parcel of the His masterpiece.
As small as we are, we are part of this great art piece,
for every one of us could be a history maker,
with the potential to be.
It’s all determined by the choices we make
and the life we choose to live.
The light is there but we don’t see it because we are blind.
But you can see through our hearts,
and feel the presence of God around you;
and feel His love too.
But unless we have the desire and passion we won’t get it.
Everyone of is imperfect but God is flawless and perfect.
And we are made righteous through Him so we can be like Him.
All it requires is great faith.
Faith can move mountains.
The clock is ticking and time flies
So capture the moment and make it a fresh start


until you are true to yourself

it's difficult for God to help u.

The Lord loves you.

Indeed He is by your side this very second.

Just feel His presence

feel that warmth

feel that love flowing from Him.

Take in His goodness n His glory.

Read His Word for it will give u strength.

Always lean on His grace n mercy

for we r nothing without Him.

Seek His mercy n grace.

Trust God with your life

for He is never wrong

He never will ever forsake u.

Just know that He is your heavenly Father

who will hear all your problems

n embrace n comfort u.

It is the only time

when u can be yourself

when u can be honest

n truthful with yourself

for there is nothing to hide from God.

Until u r true to yourself

until u realize your weaknesses

until acknowledge your need for God's strength,

God can do nothing.

God will do His best when u do your best.

It needs your commitment together with God's promise.

Then u will see results

that go beyond your expectation.

With God, dream big

for your Father in heaven is a big God;

He is indeed the King of all kings.

Believe in yourself.

Give all glory n praises to God.

Trust in Him for guidance in your life.

Let Him love u.

Renew your love

with the One who first loved u.